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Bob Graham, Jr. Architectural Photography

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WELCOME to the World of

Panoramic Architectural Photography!

Bob Graham, Jr. delivers exterior and interior designer architectural photography that captures your vision and properly motivates your market.
I take my time to develop a full understanding of your architectural project before I begin photographing.
For the past 18 years, over 95% of my architectural photography clients who have entered their projects for awards have won. The reason why they win is because my Architects, Real Estate Developers, Contractors and Interior Designers do great work and I ask them why they should win. Through this process I gain insight into their architectural project which guides me on how to proceed.
Based in the Philadelphia Ti-State area, Bob Graham, Jr.’s Architectural Photography service typically extends from New York City through the Washington D.C Metro area. However, I have worked throughout the East Coast and Internationally as well.
If you have an exceptional project needing high quality professional architectural photography, Bob Graham, Jr. would love to hear about it. Give me a call at (215)353-8945.

A time tested approach to achieving the most photographically accurate perspective for your subject!




Panoramic Architectural Photography Panoramic Architectural Photography...a Perspective Like No Other Photography!

What to look for when selecting a Professional Architectural Photographer

Photographic image quality is paramount. Are you able to see: 

      • How the photo image captures all of the space and story-lines needed in your Architectural Photography?
      • Important details, sharpness, cleanly processed photos, without noise, needless distortion and photographic distractions in all key design areas?
      • The colors in the photographic image are accurate, believable and acceptable throughout the photograph?
      • An Architectural Photograph that gives you the feeling you are actually standing in the space?
      • The passion of the Architectural Photographer's process?

Interior Architectural Panoramic Photography Architectural Panoramic Photography - It"s Like Being There!

Panoramic Professional Interior Architectural Photography

Bob Graham, Jr.'s brand is uniquely built around capturing inspiring panoramic photographic images for Architects, Real Estate Developers, Contractors and Interior Designers.

Interiors are notorious for tight spaces making it difficult to get equipment into the right place for those architectural power shots. With the right photographic equipment and panorama photography skills your project can come to life. 

Taking panoramic architectural photograph requires time and precession. The Architectural Photographer must pay more attention to details than a basic real estate photographer. The results are worth it if you need high quality architectural photographs.


Exterior Architectural Panoramic Photography Why see only a part of a room? With Panoramic Architectural Interior Photography you see everything.

Promises you need to believe before hiring an Architectural Photographer 

Real Perspective with Professional Panoramic Architectural Photography

When shot right in camera, you're most likely going to get the best results. Panorama Architectural Photography captures the scene with the most accurate visual prospective. 

Real Colors and Lighting with Experienced Professional Photo Editing

Will your architectural photographer's photography truly represent your project or will it be an interpretation? Once photographed... there's no going back! If you are as uncompromising as I am, you will not settle for "Good Enough Architectural Photography". 

Want to experience consistent award winning Panoramic Professional Architectural Photography... Call me!



Professional Architectural Photography Services


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Bob Graham, Jr's News & Opinions

Architectural Photography News

Spring 2021

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Bob Graham, Jr offers Exterior and Interior Designer Architectural Photography

Contact Bob Graham, Jr.

Despite proper planning, most Interior Designer and Architectural Photography Projects have a short time window for getting the project photographed before the photographers opportunity is lost. When you have a demanding, hard to plan for Architectural or Interior Designer Photography Project that needs to be photographed quickly, give me a call. I have over 18 years experience in completing time sensitive Exterior and Interior Photography Projects.

I would like the opportunity to hear about all your Architectural or Interior Designer Photography Projects. Please contact me for a quote or to just talk about your photography needs.


Bob Graham, Jr.

Bob Graham, Jr. Photography, LLC

27 Betsy Lane, Ambler Pa 19002



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